The Rules and Regulations of Pinegrove School have been framed to make the parents aware of what is expected of them and their children. It is imperative that all parents abide by a certain code of conduct in the best interest of their children and to facilitate the smooth functioning of the school.


1. The School Management reserves the rights of admission.


2. Re-admission shall be sought by all parents during Class X and admission shall be granted in Class XI depending on various factors like number of applicants, subjects selected, number of hostel seats available, previous progress reports, discipline, activities and sports record of the child etc.

Re-admission charges may also be charged from parents for Admission to Class XI as per school rules prevalent at that time. The decision of the School Management in the matter will be final and binding.


3. Every endeavour is made by the school to help children to improve their overall performance and progress is possible only with the co-operation of the parent and child.

4. Keeping in mind the schedule of a residential school it is not possible to provide continuous extra academic assistance. Should a student consistently require any such special help, action deemed necessary in the best interest of the child shall be advised.

5. If a child has already repeated a class, at any stage and is again unsuccessful in making the grade for promotion, s/he may have to be withdrawn, as overage children will not be permitted to stay in the school hostel.


6. Any child leaving the school campus without permission from the School Office will be doing so at his/her own parents’ risk and responsibility. Parents are advised to ensure that children are fully prepared mentally and emotionally to attend boarding school and live in a hostel. Unwilling children should NOT be forced to join a boarding and the parents need to understand the risk involved.

7. There is a continuous effort to instil high moral qualities in the children but should any child indulge in any anti-social/immoral act he/she will be liable to serious disciplinary action even to the extent of expulsion without any warning or as deemed fit by the Head of School or the management.

8. Children are not permitted to possess any of the following: Sordid reading/viewing material, cash, mobiles, sim-cards, electronic equipment, intoxicating substances, weapons or any other such banned items.

9. Intoxication of any kind is not permitted. Any child indulging in drinking/smoking/substance abuse shall be immediately expelled without any notice/warning.

10. The school is a smoke/drink free zone. Parents/guardians/visitors are not permitted to smoke/drink on school campus.

11. No student is permitted to buy, sell or exchange goods or lend or borrow money or tuck on campus. Nor are they allowed to do so when they go on outings organized by the school.

12. Parents are strictly prohibited from giving any kind of tips, money or gifts to any servant or member of the staff. Breach of this will be viewed very seriously.

13. Parents/guardians are permitted to visit their children only during visiting weekends mentioned in the School Calendar and not on any other day or holiday, as it disturbs the school routine.

14. All school games/activities/PT are mandatory and children may be required to attend sport/activity camps during vacations as well. Complete co-operation in this regard is to be extended by the parents/guardians.

15. Destruction of school property of any kind or misuse of resources provided including books/computers/internet services/smart boards/musical instruments or any such items will be liable for strict disciplinary action.

16. Distasteful/unacceptable behaviour among students or staff members such as bullying, groupism, excessive argumentative or aggressive behaviour, use of unparliamentary language or unsavoury/unhealthy relationships or such-like shall be liable for strict disciplinary action.

17. Children must come back to school with a proper haircut and be smartly dressed in school uniform, after vacations.


18. Leave is not a matter of right and shall be authorized/declined by the school office keeping in view the specific requirement.

19. Parents/Guardians are requested not to disrupt the school routine by coming early to pick up their children. They must ensure that children return to school on the specified date and time after vacations/visiting weekends. Reservation of tickets/other arrangements must be made well in time, keeping in view the school calendar.

20. Leave is at the discretion of the Head of School and shall be binding. Special leave of absence of two days plus journey time may be granted in the case of marriage of the child's or the parent's real brother/sister. One day plus journey time for visiting home in case of the death of any immediate relation may also be granted. Medical leave shall be granted as per the advise of the School Doctor who should certify the duration of such leave.

21. No child is allowed to go on leave alone or with friends. If the parents so desire then an authority letter should be sent, by the parent to the school, well in advance. Telephonic messages will not be accepted.

22. To maintain discipline and to inculcate the habit of punctuality, overstay of leave shall be liable to a fine. The amount of fine to be levied will be determined by the school authorities.


23. Please note that, as the school is a residential school in a hilly terrain where only medically fit children shall be admitted. Medically unfit children are advised not to seek admission.

24. If in due course it is observed that the child is medically unfit, in any manner whatsoever, for continuing in the boarding school she/he shall be asked to withdraw immediately and the decision of the School in the matter will be final and binding.

25. The school will not be liable for any damages/charges or in any other way, for any injuries, fatal or otherwise, caused during the child's stay in the school, even if these take place within or outside the school campus while out on camps or while taking part in sports/games or any other form of activity of the school or otherwise.

26. All expenses that may be incurred for the treatment of such injuries/sickness will be borne by the parent/guardian of the child.

27. Children who wet their beds or sleepwalk are liable to be asked to withdraw.

28. The School Office must be informed immediately whenever extension of the leave of the child is sought on medical grounds. Parents must not wait to inform till the child recovers. Doctor's "Medical Certificate of Fitness" and justification for the days of absence, on account of illness, must be submitted to the School Office on the day the child returns to the school.

29. By signing these Rules and Regulations we give explicit and full permission to the school authorities to get our child treated by any doctor of their choice and I give such doctor permission to treat my child and that while treating my child to take whatsoever action, which s/he deems necessary.

30. I/We the undersigned am/are giving the school authorities complete permission for authorizing surgeries minor or major and shall not hold the school or the doctor chosen to treat my child responsible, for any such action done in good faith, for the best interest of the child.

31. No child with lice/lice eggs or skin problems shall be permitted to join school keeping the hygiene of children in mind.


32. Fee related rules may please be noted from the school website.

33. School fee is to be paid by the due dates or a fine/penalty as per school rules will be charged. If the arrears are not cleared within two months of the due date of payment the parent may be asked to withdraw the child.

34. A 'Schedule of Fees' is published in the month of December, giving details of the fee structure for the ensuing academic session.

35. The school management reserves the right to revise the School Fee as and when the need arises.

36. Depositing of Advance of Fee for Reservation of seat for the next academic session is mandatory. If the reservation of the child's seat for the next session is not made i.e. the advance of fee (1st installment) for the ensuing academic session is not deposited in the preceding month of December, then the school is not obliged to offer a seat or to admit the child in the following year.


37. Ordinarily, no withdrawal should be made during the academic session, as a child needs time to settle to the new environment of hostel life, hence parents should make up their minds very firmly before accepting the admission.

38. No fees will be refunded if the child is withdrawn in the first academic year or in Class XI once admission is accepted.

39. In the second or subsequent session, if the need for withdrawal arises, then a clear three-month notice is to be given in writing, or fees in lieu will be charged.

40. Notice of withdrawal must be sent by Registered AD post and should reach the School Office latest by the 31st of December intimating that the child will not be returning to the school in the next academic year. If such a notice is not received, on time, then the security deposit of the child will stand forfeited.

41. Transfer certificates shall only be issued after all school dues have been cleared and an NOC from all relevant departments has been obtained. A minimum of ten working days is required for the issue of a TC.

42. In the cases where the security deposit is to be refunded all claims must be made within one year of the date of withdrawal along with the original receipt failing which no such claim will be entertained thereafter.

43. There will be no refund of fees in the cases where the child has been expelled or his withdrawal has been requested for, on disciplinary grounds.

44. School scholarships/ bursaries or fee concessions, if allowed, are at the sole discretion of the management and can be withdrawn at any time and no reason maybe given for the same.

45. Any child absent from school for more than 7 days without intimation shall be considered withdrawn.


46. Please refrain from giving any valuables to the children. The school will not be responsible for any loss or damage of the same.

47. Children are not allowed to receive Phone Calls except on their own Birthdays or if special circumstances warrant.

48. The school has the right to exercise a mild censorship over the letters of children as this is purely in their interest.

49. All correspondence of the parent, through letter or email, regarding the welfare/progress of the child, suggestions, fees, feedback etc must be addressed to the Headmaster giving the Name, Class and Boarding Number of the child.

50. No verbal assurances alleged to have been given by any member of the staff would be binding on the school. Similarly, verbal statements made by the parents will not be accepted. Parents must write to the school on any point they wish to make.

51. Applications for any certificates/endorsements/verifications etc. required from the school should be made a week in advance, in writing.

52. Parents should refrain from giving excessive tuck to their children. Cooked food, perishable items and consumable liquids are not permitted. No food parcels will be accepted for or delivered to the children.

53. Visitors/Parents are not permitted to bring pets to the school.

54. Parents/Visitors are not allowed to enter the dormitories without permission of the School Office. Male visitors/parents are not permitted to enter the Girls' Dormitory under any circumstances whatsoever.

55. Parents of new students will not be permitted to meet the children for six weeks following the admission. This allows time for the child to settle down and adjust to the new environment.

56. Parents/Guardians are advised to come to collect their children themselves at the start of vacations to enhance their interaction with staff members.

57. Whenever parents/guardians come to the school they must make it a point to visit the School Office.

58. Any change of address/telephone numbers must be informed in writing to the School Office at the earliest, keeping in view emergencies and other matters of significance and importance.

59. The photographs and videos of the school children clicked inside the school or outside on school trips/camps/excursions/tournaments etc are copyright of the school and the school reserves the right to use them as it deems fit for its own promotion or use. Parents are advised to refrain from posting/sharing pictures/videos of Pinegrove School children on social media. If these pictures are misused technologically, in any manner whatsoever, the school will not be responsible for the same.

60. In case of any dispute the jurisdiction shall be the District/Sessions Court of Solan District only.

61. The school's management reserves the right to change, amend, add or delete any of the above mentioned rules and regulations at any time without any prior notice.

62. Parents are requested not to communicate directly with teachers/matrons through telephone/email/social media or otherwise. Any communication through these routes is not permitted. Communication should be addressed to the School Office, the Head of School or the respective Head only.

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