Schedule of Fees


Each year a Schedule of Fees is published in the month of December reflecting the amount of fees to be charged for the ensuing academic session and is sent to all parents. This fee includes tuition, boarding, lodging, books, stationery, laundry and toiletries and other miscellaneous overhead expenses of the school but does not include expenditure on clothing, uniforms, personal items, medicines, camps and excursions.

Schedule of Fees for Session 2024-25

Annual Fees for Boarders Rs. 6,60,000.00
This fee includes Salaries (Teaching, Admin & Support Staff) Academic expenses, Boarding & Lodging, Sports, Activities, Water & Electricity, Printing, Art/Craft, SUPW, Laundry, Recreation, Postage, Hobbies, Gardening, Advertisements, Tournaments, Insurances, Computer Labs, Library, Science Laboratories, Subscriptions, Affiliation, Audit & Legal Fee, Internal Examination fee, Vehicles, Generators, Repair & Maintenance, Health, School Hospital (Minor Medical), Miscellaneous Contingencies and all other Administrative & Establishment expenses but does not include expenditure on Tuck, Pocket-money, Clothing, Uniforms, Books, Personal items, Personal Sports’ Gear, Prescribed Medicines, Inter-school participation, Camps, Excursions, Tours and Exchange Programs.
Winter Study Camp Fee Class X (Optional) Rs. 60,000
Winter Study Camp Fee Class XII Rs. 80,000

NON RECURRING(For New Admissions Only)
Registration Fees Rs. 7,500
Caution Money/Security (Refundable) Rs. 25,000
Admission Fee Rs. 50,000

Annual Fees US$ 8,000

NON-RECURRING (For New Admissions only)
Admission US$ 2,000
Registration US$ 250

Note :

Uniforms, Books & Stationery, personal sports gear and clothing will be provided by the parents.


Special concessions may be offered to war widows, orphans, extremely poor or deserving children


5% concession will be given on total fees to the second child or subsequent children


Fees once paid, in the first year, is acceptance of the admission offered and will not be refunded.


Fees paid in the subsequent years may be paid in two or maximum three equal installments. The first installment has to be paid as the advance reservation of seat for the oncoming new academic session at the end of the previous session i.e. in the month of December. The second installment is to be paid in Feb/March at the start of new session and the third in the month of June/July.


No bills will be sent for payment.


Fines as per prevailing `School Rules` shall be levied for delayed payments.


If the reservation of the child`s seat for the next session is not made i.e the advance of fee not deposited in the month of December, then the school will not be obliged to offer a seat or re-admit the child in the next academic session.


Cash will not be accepted above Rs. 10,000/-. Parents are advised to deposit the fee of their child/ward through any electronic transfer like RTGS/NEFT or through Demand Draft only.


Rs 25,000/- shall be deposited by all students, in the beginning of every year, into the child’s Personal Imprest Account (E-Wallet). This would be used for any personal expenses of the child including Books, Tuck, Telephone calls, School APP usage, outside excursions like camps, subscriptions, travel outside school for tournaments/competitions, personal clothing or sporting equipment and other such like expenses. This amount needs to be topped up by the parent/guardian, as and when it gets depleted. Balance, if any, shall be credited to the Imprest Account of the child in following year or refunded if the child is withdrawn.


All payments are to be made in the school office by Bank Draft or through RTGS/NEFT in favour of Pinegrove School as per Bank Details given below:-

  • DHARAMPUR School Children:-

    1. SBI Dharampur Branch - A/c No. 55123650269 - IFSC SBIN0050121

    SUBATHU School Children:-

    1. PNB Subathu Branch - A/C No. 3136000100092005 - IFSC PUNB0313600

Very Important Note: 1. Please scan and send the proof of the deposit to the school immediately. Scan and E-mail to


Proof of Receipt should clearly mention the following:

    1. a) Boarding No of the child
    2. b) Name of the child
    3. c) Branch: Subathu or Dharampur
    4. d) Date of Deposit
    5. e) Amount

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