Adult Matrons live in the boarding house, assisted and supervised by responsible adult teachers, residing within the hostel blocks. Support Staff (Ayahs) are appointed to assist the Matrons in cleanliness and other basic needs of the children in the hostels.

Few children have an Academic Tutor or a Mentor/Guardian appointed, if required.

Yes, children sleep in dormitories which range from 20 to 60 children depending on the age group/seniority of the child.

High pressure-dual media-sand/coal filters are used for all purposes and all drinking water is further sent through virus killings filter machines as well.

The school prepares food in a clean and hygienic environment. Separate Kitchens and Dining halls have been built in Pinegrove School to serve the children. The vegetables and other basic ingredients are sourced from well-known shops/markets and proper check is kept on the freshness of supplies and proper preparation of all food served in the School.

The children are authorized a coupon worth an authorized amount, as per prevailing rates for different classes, every week. Children are also permitted to bring tuck worth Rs. 500/- after every visiting weekend or after vacations. Perishable food stuff is strictly prohibited.

The menu is prepared by the Mess in-charge keeping in view the caloric need for growing children. The menu changes daily for variety. The Menu generally provides for Cereal, Milk, Bread, Butter, Jam, Egg/Vegetarian etc. for breakfast, Snacks with Tea/Milk in the morning break, Rice, Chapattis, Curd, Salad, Dhal, Vegetable and Fruit at Lunch, Snacks with Tea/Milk in the evening break, Chapattis, Dhal, Vegetable, Non-vegetarian/Vegetarian dish and Pudding for dinner.

The details of the daily routine of children on normal working days and during weekends are adequately explained on the website under ‘Life in Pinegrove’.

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