Raison d'etre

The School's Crest:

The School Crest illustrates an open book signifying the pursuit for academic excellence in the midst of the natural ambience of the schools pristine location, all superimposed on a 'Star'. The 'Rising Sun' depicts the beginning of life and the selfless transmission of light (Education) for the growth of a child to maturity. The 'Hills' and the 'Pine-trees' portray an effort to instill love for nature. The Star is a symbolic representation of the motto of the school 'By Toil to Stars' which is embossed on a red ribbon below the star.



We believe in the creation of 'exalted lives' by nurturing the body, mind, heart, and soul and aim to reach the stars of achievement through toil and determination. Hence we dream, plan, endeavour and pray… in that order… to achieve our mission.

Our Philosophy:

"We aspire to inspire..." The school's philosophy is based on providing maximum exposure and opportunity through co-curricular activities, camps and excursions, games and sports, healthy peer-group interaction and learning, psychological handling, constant counselling, personal care, attention and affection and comprehensive academic monitoring to inspire the children to perform to the zenith of their potential.

Our Motto:

"By Toil to Stars". There is no short cut to hard work, hence in Pinegrove we aim to reach the "stars" of achievement. We have incorporated this into our motto, which enthuses and motivates each child to put in his best effort to work hard to achieve his goal in life.

Our Aim:

Our alumni should make a perfect blend of our rich and varied heritage and culture. Their personalities should exude of being purely Indian with humility, serenity, peace and goodness while adapting the finest qualities of other developed countries.
Our ultimate goal is to sculpture our students into smart, well-bred, disciplined, hard working, law abiding, patriotic and responsible citizens who have a sense of fair-play, reverence for all religions, respect for elders, veneration for their parents, love for all mankind and above all loyalty for their country.

Our Modus Operandi:

Pinegrove is very conscious of the quality of its finished product "The Child". The resultant fruit of an all-round nicely developed and well-balanced personality is harvested by the school after long, onerous, time consuming and tedious hours of labour put in by a competent team of trained, zealous and devoted teachers. It takes years of continuous effort to form traditions, which go a long way in building the reputation of an institution. It is through our rigorous schedules and activities coupled with ample recreation and personal attention that we, at Pinegrove, strive to sculpture our students and inculcate the habit of self-discipline in them.

In a residential school the most challenging and arduous task is to keep the students happy. This entails providing adequate facilities, taking proper care of their health and hygiene, to ensure no kind of bullying exists and to provide them well-balanced and tasty food so that they do not miss home and adjust well to life in a hostel. We constantly aspire and strive to achieve the highest standards in this important aspect of boarding life and are very proud of the efforts made in this direction.

Alongside a high standard of academic achievement, there is a continuous effort to pay attention to games and sports and other co-curricular activities as well. Efforts are made in the direction of raising the overall standard of all individuals who get an opportunity to study in this institution so that every child may excel.

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