Academic Facilities


Both locations of the school are affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi (CBSE) till the senior secondary level (+2).

Courses of Study:

Courses of study as laid down by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) and the syllabi framed by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), of the Government of India, Delhi are strictly adhered to and followed. The children are prepared to sit for the All India Secondary and Senior Secondary School Examinations, conducted by the CBSE, Delhi.

The syllabus provides for and examines a student in English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science (with Practicals), and Social Science. SUPW (Hobbies and Work Experience), Music, Art Education and Physical Education are compulsory. From Class VI to Class VIII, a third language is also taught.


Presently the school is offering Science (Medical and Non-Medical) and Commerce stream with or without Computer Education (Informatics Practices) at both the branches. Physical Education, Mathematics, Painting and Music are also available as optional subjects. Currently, Humanities stream is also offered at our Subathu branch.
All textbooks and stationery are provided free of cost. Any special item like atlases, geometry boxes, pens, colours, dictionaries etc are charged to the child's personal account.


Classrooms and Teacher-Student ratio:

The classrooms are very modern, large and airy with proper lighting and provide the most conducive atmosphere for learning.

All classes in Pinegrove are interactive classrooms with SMART BOARDS, networked computers and DLP Projectors. Many classrooms have Visualizers as well. The computers are networked on LAN and there is a huge repository of educational software in various subjects and practically for every chapter in the course of study, available on the school servers. The classrooms are fitted with the latest and the best equipment available so that the children get the best teaching aids to assist in making the teaching learning process most effective through computer-aided-teaching (CAT).

The children and teachers alike take keen interest in the beautification and adornment of their classrooms.

To achieve the highest levels of academic excellence the school maintains a class-section average strength of just 25 pupils in junior classes and 30 pupils in senior classes.

The teacher-student ratio is a fantastic 1:10.

The aim of computer education in the school is to get the children acquainted with the latest in computer technology and to assist in removing their aversion to the machines. The intention is to make the environment pupil-friendly so that they can make the best use of computers in the future. Adequate exposure is given to them in Internet, hardware and software technology.
The school has installed a very powerful, highly technical, state-of-the-art computer laboratory with the provision for a computer for every child.

The computers are used for education, accountancy, and management information systems. The computers are networked on LAN with high speed servers and Multi-media capability, attached with colour printers and broadband internet connections.

The school uses the latest educational aids such as overhead projectors, multimedia technology, Compact Disc players, video cameras and audio systems as well.



A well-stocked, informative library is available in both the junior and senior schools. Apple Computers are available for research for Senior Students in the Resource Centre of the Library. The library is often used by the children and has a wide variety of encyclopaedias, reference books, novels, newspapers, magazines and other periodicals. There is a good collection of CDs, DVDs etc in the audio-visual section of the library as well.

The library is very effective in broadening the horizons of the children and keeps them entertained, educated and well informed. Most important of all, it facilitates the development of the fast dying habit of reading.




Modern and well-equipped science laboratories are available in both the schools. The Labs have the requisite essential equipment for conducting practicals for the integrated science course at the Secondary School Stage, and for the Physics, Chemistry and Biology practicals at the Senior Secondary Stage, as per the requirement of the new curricula and scheme of studies laid down by the CBSE.
The students themselves have preserved a large variety of specimens in the laboratories and take keen interest in making science projects.

Tests and Examinations:

Children are tested regularly and continuously for their academic progress, Class-work, Home-work, Class-tests, Projects, Art education, Physical Education and Work-experience along with their Thinking, Emotional and Social Skills as well. The report cards are sent to the parents three times a year to apprise them of the academic proficiency and progress of the child. Though to maintain the high standards of education the expectations of the school are high but the School encourages the children to compete with his own self rather than anybody else.
Barring exceptional cases, where the parent requests so, Pinegrove does not hold back students in the same class upto Class VIII.



Most parents desire for good classroom performance from their children. At Pinegrove, persistant efforts are made to help students perform well in academics. To encourage children who excel in academics (Platinum and Gold) STARS are awarded depending on their performance in each result. Improvement Stars for remarkable efforts are also awarded after each result.

Diamond Star:

A special star called the 'Diamond Star' has been introduced to encourage goodness. Evaluation of this is done collectively by heads, teachers, matrons, hobby staff, physical training staff and students. We, at Pinegrove, sincerely believe that developing the value system and discipline in a child is far more important than developing the academic and physical traits of the personality. The school awards 'Diamond Stars' to selected students twice a year.

Parent-Teacher Meetings:

Continuous evaluation of the development of the students is of prime importance to both parents and teachers. It is in the best interest of the child that the parents and teachers form a cohesive team in working to achieve this objective. Hence, parents are constantly encouraged and are provided with opportunities to interact with the teachers and to assist and share the progress of their children.

Tuitions/Extra Class:

It is imperative that children who come to a boarding school reach a level of independence and should manage to keep up with the rigorous routine without demanding extra time for achieving the desired academic standards of the class.
Nevertheless, in very special cases, the school arranges for extra tuition for new children, especially the Non Resident Indians (NRIs). These tuition classes are generally arranged for the first academic year and in junior classes only so that they can come up to the mandatory didactic standards of the school.

Continuous extra-tuitions are discouraged as they hamper the child's participation in other activities which are necessary for the development of the child.

Winter Study Camp:

Pinegrove is a winter closing school and hence there is a long vacation before the children are to appear for the final CBSE Board Examination. It is quite unfair to expect the child and the parents to organise tuitions at home and to expect that the child produces a good result thereafter.

Hence the school makes provision for a Winter Study-Camp for all the Board appearing students so that they get fine-tuned and well prepared for the Board Examination.

Board Results:

Year Class First
1996-97 10th 71 % 29 % Nil Nil 64 %
1997-98 10th 94 % 6 % Nil Nil 69 %
1998-99 10th 100 % Nil Nil Nil 76 %
1999-00 10th 86 % 14 % Nil Nil 72 %
2000-01 10th 90 % 10 % Nil Nil 68 %
2001-02 10th 97 % 3 % Nil Nil 70 %
2002-03 10th 100 % Nil Nil Nil 73 %
2003-04 10th 96% 4 % Nil Nil 76 %
2004-05 10th 90% 10% Nil Nil 74%
10+2 89% 11% Nil Nil 70%
2005-06 10th 98% 2% Nil Nil 78%
10+2 100% Nil Nil Nil 77%
2006-07 10th 100% Nil Nil Nil 82%
10+2 100% Nil Nil Nil 82%
2007-08 10th 100% Nil Nil Nil 82%
10+2 97% 3% Nil Nil 77%
2008-09 10th 100% Nil Nil Nil 84%
10+2 100% Nil Nil Nil 82%
2009-10 10th 100% Nil Nil Nil 8.7 CGPA
10+2 100% Nil Nil Nil 74%
2010-11 10th 99% 1% Nil Nil 8.1 CGPA
10+2 100% Nil Nil Nil 78.05
2011-12 10th 100% Nil Nil Nil 8.4 CGPA
10+2 100% Nil Nil Nil 87.43
2012-13 10th 100% Nil Nil Nil 8.7 CGPA
10+2 100% Nil Nil Nil 84.64
2013-14 10th 100% Nil Nil Nil 9.0 CGPA
10+2 100% Nil Nil Nil 88.63
2014-15 10th 100% Nil Nil Nil 8.8 CGPA
10+2 100% Nil Nil Nil 88.2
2015-16 10th 100% Nil Nil Nil 8.9 CGPA
10+2 100% Nil Nil Nil 85.12
2016-17 10th 100% Nil Nil Nil 9.0 CGPA
10+2 100% Nil Nil 1 82.6
2017-18 10th 100% Nil Nil Nil 82.4
10+2 100% Nil Nil Nil 87.6
2018-19 10th 100% Nil Nil Nil 86.01
10+2 100% Nil Nil Nil 87.2
2019-20 10th 100% Nil Nil Nil 84.7
10+2 100% Nil Nil Nil 91.6

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