The admission procedure entails a deposit of the registration fee (Rs.7000/- plus Rs. 500/- for prospectus) along with the duly filled in admission form through registered post/self/email. The child is then brought to the Dharampur Campus for the Boarding School Orientation for Classes I - VI and for Classes VII – IX and XI to the Subathu campus on the stipulated date as per the school calendar. (Generally, it is a Saturday closest to 10th Feb). The result is declared within a week thereafter and admissions have to be accepted/declined thereafter.

We admit approximately 200 students every year in different classes.

We receive approx. 400 applications for admission every year.

We admit the children between 6 to 14 years depending on the class applied for. Class I is the entry level for the school admission and admissions are generally offered from Class I to Class VIII and in some special cases in Class IX and XI.
(Admissions in Class X and XII are not accepted).

The random Boarding School Orientation for the next academic session for Classes I - VI is held at the Dharampur Campus from October onwards and for Classes VII – IX and XI at the Subathu campus on the stipulated date as per the school calendar each year. Admission is granted in the month of February. Check out Admission section of the website for more details or call +91 9805004115.

Visit Fees section in the website for details of fees.
www.pinegroveschool.com Admissions and Fees.

Parents/Guardians seeking admission for the first time are entitled to pay the school fee in two instalments. First instalment shall comprise of the Admission fee, Security deposit, Imprest and 50% of the Annual Fee along with to be paid at the time of admission is being accepted by the parent/guardian. The second instalment of the fee comprising of remaining 50% of the annual fee must be paid after three months of admission. Fees paid in the subsequent years may be paid in two or three equal instalments.

However, if a parent/guardian is willing to pay the entire fee in one lump sum, s/he shall be entitled to avail a discount as per school rules.

No, the school does not accept donations.

There is no `Guarantee` of admission except in the case of NRI Admissions up to grade VII. Resident Indian Admissions are done only through the random Boarding School Orientation procedure.

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