Yes, the school has a full-fledged 25Mtr 4-Lane swimming pool.

The school has a body building and workout Gym with modern equipment and a multipurpose hall with indoor Badminton, Gymnastic equipment for horse, floor and other exercises as well.

There are many activities run for the girls in the school including sports like Cricket, Soccer, Swimming, Table Tennis, Shooting, Basketball, Gymnastics, Band, Parade, Acting, Music and Debating. Experience shows that girls achieve more and are better adjusted in life if taught in co-educational institutions. View Activities section of the website to know more.

All pupils are encouraged to pursue some Socially Useful Productive Work (SUPW) apart from their usual academic and other physical activities, like Gardening, Indian/Western Music, Dance, Acting, Debates, Band, Computer, Science/Nature/Photography Clubs, Knitting, Art, Craft, Sculpture, Embroidery, Stitching, Cooking etc. These activities are conducted during hobby sessions, which are an integral part of the school curriculum. These activities develop their artistic ability, technical skills, aesthetic sense, and help to improve the co-ordination of body and mind. View Typical Day and Typical Weekend sections of the website to know more.

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