Admission Process

Admission :

The procedure for admission requires the child to be registered for admission. After registration the children are to undergo an admission test and interview and then are finally selected for admission.

Vacancies generally occur in the month of February, in Classes I to VIII only. A few admissions are obtainable, subject to availability of seats in classes IX and XI as well.

Admissions are offered based on the performance of the child in the admission test, giving due preference to NRI admissions, brothers and sisters of past and present Pinegrovians, children of serving defence personnel and war widows and extremely brilliant scholarship/free-ship students of the poorer section of society. Details of the procedure are explained hereafter.

Registration :

Registration is normally open throughout the year. Both NRI and resident Indian children are to be registered. Registration entails filling in the requisite "Application for Admission" form, remitting the registration fees and submitting the requisite documents at the time of registration.

The children registered for admission will be called, through registered post, for an admission test and interview sometime in the middle of February of the year for which admission is sought. The school will not be responsible in any way if the child is absent from the test hence please ensure that the School Office has your latest postal address. Please contact the School Office if such a letter doesn't reach you latest by 1st of February of the year your child is seeking admission. Please note that registration does NOT guarantee admission.

Admission Test Interviews :

Admission tests and interviews are held sometime in the middle of February. The tests are designed to guage the academic proficiency of the child based on the syllabi of the class in which he/she is already studying. It is a general test and is conducted in English, Hindi and Maths. One does not need to specially prepare for these tests.

Important note:

The test so conducted is not a promotion examination and hence all new admissions have to join the school after successful completion of their academic session in the previous school and obtaining proper School Leaving Certificates.

NRI Admissions :

All parents whose earning is in foreign exchange and those whose children are not Indian nationals shall be considered as NRI children. As an NRI, it is advisable to get the child admitted if you have some relative/friend who can be the local guardian for visiting your child on visiting weekends, short/long holidays and take responsibility, especially in case of emergencies.

An NRI/Foreigner has the option to seek an admission without the formality of passing the admission test and interview (Subject to availability of seats) in Classes I to VII only. This will be permitted only if the child is flying in from abroad for the sole purpose of seeking admission. For Classes VIII and above such a child will have to pass the normal admission test to be considered for admission In such a case admission will be granted depending on the child's age and academic performance/record of the previous school. The admission will be generally offered in Class I (1st Grade) for a child aged between 5 to 6 years as on 28th February of the year of admission. The subsequent classes can be so calculated. Generally, the accepted formula is, age minus preferably 5 (or even 6 is acceptable) = Class to be admitted. The standard rule being that the admission will be granted provisionally for the first year and further continuance will depend on the child's performance, academic and otherwise, during the first year of his/her stay in the school. For such admissions the payment of school fee in USD as per fee schedule for the first academic year, should reach the School Office in full before 15th February of the year admission is sought. NRI students are charged fees in USD which includes tuition, boarding, lodging, books, stationery, laundry and toiletries and other miscellaneous overhead expenses of the school but does not include expenditure on clothing, uniforms, personal items, medicines and camps/excursions.

Plus-2 Admission :

1. Due to very limited seats, admission will generally be available only for students passing out from the 10th class from Pinegrove School. As a policy, new admissions into the Senior Secondary Stage from outside the school will not be encouraged.

2. Rights of admission to the Senior Secondary Stage (Plus 1 & 2) are reserved. Children passing out of the secondary stage from Pinegrove will not have rights for direct admission to the Senior Secondary Stage and will need to reapply for admission for the senior secondary stage. No re-admission fee will be charged if the request for admission reaches the school Office by appointed date announced by the school authorities.

3. Readmission fee of Rs.50,000/- (Rupees Fifty Thousand only) and Security Deposit of Rs.15,000/- (Rupees Fifteen Thousand only) shall be charged if advance of fee is not paid for the reservation of seat of the child, latest by the First day of February of the same year (applicable to old students seeking readmission).

4. Admissions may not be offered dependant on the availability of seats in the hostel or on conduct and academic performance of the child during the previous stay of the child in the school.

5.In the best interests of the child no reasons for rejection need be given from the management and the decision of the Head of the institution will be final and binding.

6.Marks for consideration of admission will be taken from the Pre-Board Marks conducted by the School. The cut off percentage for admission will be announced each year as per school rules. Appropriate weightage shall be given to students excelling in sports and at the discretion of the school management.

7.All admissions will be provisional till such time the CBSE result is not declared.

8.A few select children considered for new admissions might be offered provisional admission, on the basis of the result card of the 9th Class Final Result and the Pre Board Result of 10th Class alongwith an interview conducted by a panel of teachers in the month of April.

9. The provisional admission shall be confirmed after the CBSE/ICSE Board result depending on the cut-off percentage being obtained by the child, as per rules above.

10. The provisional admission will be withdrawn in such cases where the minimum percentage is not obtained or if a child gets a Compartment or a Fail result in the CBSE Secondary School Board results.

Documents to be submitted at the time of registration :

  • For the purpose of registration parents are required to submit the following:
  • a) Duly filled in application form.
  • b) Two copies of latest passport size photographs of the child.
  • c) Fee schedule Registration fee will be payable as per
  • d) Birth Certificate (attested photocopy)
  • e) Duly signed copy of the Rules and Regulations of the school.
  • f) Pre-Board Marks Sheet of the prevoius School (for +2 Stage students only)
  • g) Indemnity Bond to be furnished by both parents or custodial parent (click on the text to download document)
  • (Additional documents for +2 Stage students are listed after a few paragraphs)

In addition to the documents submitted at the time of registration, the following are to be submitted at the time of admission, both by NRI and resident Indian students:

  • a) Original School leaving/transfer certificate.
  • b) Original Report Card of previous class passed.
  • c) Medical Performa and physical fitness certificate.
  • d) Photographs and addresses of people allowed to meet the child/children and to take them on visiting weekends and vacations. (for NRI students only)

Additional Documents for NRIs :

In addition to the above mentioned documents, the following documents will also have to be submitted by NRI and foreign students:

  • a) Attested photocopy of Passport
  • b) Passport with valid STUDENT VISA (in original).
  • c) Letter of acceptance from the local guardian agreeing to be the guardian of the child during his/her stay at the school and accepting to take full responsibility and care of the child during short leaves, vacations and especially during emergencies.
  • d) Copy of the Police report regarding the permission for stay of over six months in India. (FRRO Registration of the child is above 15 years of age).
  • e) Letter of Authority permitting the Headmaster or his representative to take all responsibility in case of any emergency.

Documents required to be submitted for Plus-2 admission :

Documents to be submitted by children seeking admission to the Senior Secondary Stage at the time of admission will be as follows:

  • a) Duly filled in Admission/Registration Form
  • b) Duly filled in Supplement Admission Form
  • c) Two Passport size Photographs
  • d) Final Report Card of Class IX
  • e) Pre-Board Report Card of Class X
  • f) Supporting Documents of achievements in Sports/other activities
  • g) Registration fee as per school Fees Schedule

Documents to be submitted at the time of admission

  • a) Transfer Certificate from the School countersigned by the CBSE/ICSE
  • b) Character certificate and Proof of Birth from the School
  • c) Medical certificate as per School certificate

Documents to be submitted immediately after declaration of result by CBSE/ICSE:

  • a) Migration Certificate from the Board
  • b) CBSE Marks Statement/Pass certificate of Class X Board (in Original)

Note: In case of NRI/foreign students the additional documents to be submitted by NRI/foreign students are as mentioned in the Additional Documents for NRI section

Download Documents :

The following documents are available for download in PDF format. You will require Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing and printing these documents. You can download Adobe Acrobat Read from

To download these documents, you will have to click the right button of your mouse and select Save Target As ... option from the right click menu.

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